Why Axureland

I strongly believe Axure enthusiasts deserve a playground to share their ideas and help others improve their prototyping skills. I know that you have great work to show off, so let the world see what you’ve done in Axure!

How it all started

Axureland was started by VIM Interactive in 2011, and was later sold to Barnabas Nagy in 2014. At the moment I'm the only person behind Axureland with the help of all the friendly contributors.

About me

I’m Barnabas Nagy, an entrepreneur, author and user experience designer who loves providing solutions to problems that people face in their everyday lives.

I've worked as a freelance UX designer in London on projects like Land Rover, Monsoon, Oracle, Shell, and T-Mobile.

When I’m not working I fish the rivers, play the guitar, play table tennis or work in my homestead.

I'm also the singer-songwriter and the guitarist in a band called LOOKINGDOOR.