Axure Callout Widgets Library

This Axure callout widgets library is not exactly rocket science but hopefully someone might find it useful. Callouts are probably an oddity in the Axure world, as Axure is more based on prototypes rather than wireframes. But at work we use Axure more for traditional wireframes than prototypes so need callouts for on-page documentation. In this environment Axure’s killer feature is it’s SVN based system for collaborating on a shared file. (Try getting three people to successfully update a 100+ page Visio document at the same time without errors…)

Anyway, here are some simple callouts in a widget library that you might like to use. I’ve made them a light blue, similar to the Konigi OmniGraffle wireframe stencils as it seems that that is what many people think callouts should look like. As it happens, we use orange callouts but it’s easy enought to edit the library to have whatever colours you like and change the callouts’ colours in your Axure document.