Fluid Widgets & Breakpoint Finder

Axure widget library and template designed to help you find the breakpoints in your responsive web design.

Quick & DirtyThis Axure template and widget library are meant to be quick and dirty. They will help you find the breakpoints in your responsive web design, so that you know what sizes you should set your Adaptive Views to.

Percentage Based ColumnsAll widgets can be full width, 3/4 width, 2/3 width, 1/2 width, 1/3 width, or 1/4 width for viewports from 320 px to 1200 px wide.

Use Your ContentSet your content in each widget and it will automatically resize to different sizes.

Desktop ViewingThe template is best used for desktop viewing by dragging your browser window to see your design at different viewport sizes. It can also be viewed on mobile devices, but it’s not as easy to do.

Included Widgets– Plain text– Underlined text– H1– H2– H3– Image– Radio button– Checkbox– Entry field– Horizontal rule– Button– Tab bar (2 – 6 tabs)– Spacer

What you get:

– Fluid Widgets widget library (.rplib file)– Breakpoint Finder template (.rp file)– Instructions (.pdf file)